Blocked Drains

Blocked drains, unblocked fast

Blocked drains are quite common and can prove to be a nuisance, they can be caused by various things, such as foreign objects, a build up of material, or other causes which may not be caused by wear and tear such as tree roots.

Your blocked drain issue may need more than a plunger and if not rectified, can cause flooding, damage to your home and even structural damage if the blocked pipe starts leaking.

We provide Sydney wide drain unblocking services.

Reliable blocked drains Sydney service

M & F Plumbing provide quality work that exceeds Australian standards, using the latest technology for detection and elimination of blockages, we guarantee out blocked drain removal service. Our plumbers are fully licensed and experienced in blocked drains and can provide you with expert advice in order to fix your outstanding blocked drain issue and advice to avoid them in future.

Inspect, Detect and Eliminate Blockages

We have various high-tech tools that can help us detect and remove blockages from your pipes fast, including pipe locators and cameras. These tools are essential to correctly identifying where the blockage is and allow us to remove it permanently to ensure your pipes flow water through properly.

What we do

  • Detect your current blockage
  • Use our high-tech drain unblocking tools
  • Unclog your blocked drain with minimum of fuss