Hot Water Repairs

One of the most inconvenient plumbing problems has got to be your hot water system breaking down.

Today, we rely on hot water for washing, showering and cleaning. Unfortunately, hot water systems can stop working any time, sometimes the problem can be repaired, other times, the system needs to be replaced. Either way, you’re covered with M & F Plumbing. We have a specialised team of hot water plumbers that are dedicated to assisting you with any repairs or replacements of your hot water systems.

We work with both gas and electric hot water systems, including continuous flow. Our plumbers are fully licensed, experienced and professional.

Common Hot Water Issues

  • Hot water completely not working
  • Hot water system takes a long time to reheat
  • Hot water system is leaking
  • Hot water is coming out a different colour
  • Hot water system has blown up
  • Hot water system is not providing hot water, only warm water

Whether if be gas, electric or continuous flow hot water repairs or replacements, speak to our friendly customer service team and arrange our service team out to your home or office for immediate hot water repairs and replacement, Sydney wide.