Toilet Repairs

Fix toilet blockages and leaks fast

The most cringe worthy plumbing problem in your home is probably to do with your toilet, not only can it be embarrassing, but a huge inconvenience for yourself and your visitors.

Toilets are an essential part of life, ensuring your toilet flushes correctly and does not have any blockages is very important – for sanitary purposes, ensuring your toilet is working properly all the time is your best bet for a clean, odor free household.

Sydney-Wide toilet repairs

M & F Plumbing are experienced team of plumbers can address any toilet repair needs in Sydney. Whether your toilet is not flushing properly, not flushing at all, has a blockage or the water won’t stop refilling your cistern, we can fix your toilet and get you back to normal life as soon as possible.

Toilet Repairs, What we can do

  • Unclog your blocked toilet
  • Fix a weak flush
  • Fix your slow filling cistern
  • Fix a noisy toilet that won’t stop running water

Repair or replace your toilet

There may be times when it’s a better option for you to replace your toilet. Our experienced plumbers will advise you of the best options, we can even supply and fit a brand new toilet.